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         This website is maintained for the Kridakorn family members and friends.  Kridakorn and Kritakara are English spellings of the same Thai last name. Kritakara spelling follows The Royal Thai General System of Transcription (RTGS) official system for rendering Thai language words in Latin alphabet. Kridakorn spelling follows the convention of using pronunciation to determine the  English representation. The public section of this website contains historical information about the Kridakorn ancestry, heritage and the beginning of the Kridakorn last name dating back to Rama IV. The website is maintained by M.L. Saksiri Kridakorn. All enquiries can be addressed to M.L. Saksiri at mlsaksiri@kridakorn.net


         The archive/download section contains books, excerpts and articles published about members of the Kridakorn family or by members of Kridakorn family. Interested parties can browse and download from this section for non-commercial purposes only. The articles and books are of historical nature as related to Kridakorn family and are in the public domain. Contributions to this section are welcomed. Registration is required to download.